Who is Joy A. J. Howard? 

Dr. Joy A. J. Howard is a writing coach and editor for faculty, graduate students, leaders in higher ed, and writers at all stages. Before becoming a coach, she was in academia for over 15 years. Joy has a proven record of helping writers and leaders solve their biggest problems. She guides clients through writing blocks, project management, job applications and interviews, mid-career transitions, tenure/promotion achievement, and leadership growth. Joy lives in West Philadelphia, but works with clients all over the world.

Why hire Joy as a writing coach? 

Whether you need to be more productive as a writer to earn tenure or promotion, or you need to learn how to manage Ph.D. students in your lab, or address writing blocks, Joy’s coaching will empower you to find and develop effective practices. Joy's one-on-one coaching helps you create habits that are productive and satisfying. 

Joy specializes in one-on-one coaching for academics who are marginalized in higher ed or are underrepresented in publishing. Working with Joy, you be able to process the pain you experience and develop pathways for your own success and wellness even though the mountains you face are huge. Joy will be in your corner and help you develop the strength to make career decisions that make your life good.  Joy believes success in stressful environments can indeed occur hand in hand with deep career satisfaction and personal wellness.

Not only will you get the book written, or the promotion packet completed, or the mid-career plan sketched, you will also find happiness. Joy’s clients report that they are more productive than ever and also happier, more rested, and more balanced. They return to coaching year after year with Joy because she continues to guide them toward a work life that is healthy and peaceful.

“I would recommend Joy's help to anyone.”   

— H.H., ph.D., now a tenure track AsSISTANT Professor at a state school in TENNESSEE

Why hire Joy as an editor? 

As an editor, Joy is deeply interested in YOU, the writer. Joy wants your voice to be heard.  She connects with you as a person & seeks to edit so that you sound more like you. She offers developmental editing as well as copyediting. Joy also helps writers plan research projects, cope with writer's block, address anxieties and fears, navigate the review system, and develop into a more satisfied researcher or writer. 

“It made my day when my article was finally published. I felt such a sense of relief. You will never know how much you helped me with that article and writing. It meant the world to me.”