Sometimes you need someone in your corner who will believe you.

  • Do you feel burnt out, overwhelmed, sad, or stuck? Joy's productivity coaching will help you take care of yourself and establish daily and weekly rhythms that are life-giving, WHILE also helping you meet your goals. Through one-on-one weekly coaching sessions with Joy, you can be more productive and satisfied.

  • Are you struggling to finish your dissertation or do you have committee problems? She will help you discover your ideas, outline writing plans, and draft. You can set goals for your current research project and talk through the sticky places. She helps dissertation writers communicate with their committees.

  • Have you been burned by mentors and editors? Joy’s publishing coaching helps you target the best places for your work and helps you plan for the long haul. Joy is available to filter reviews from dissertation committees and from peer reviewers so writers do not have to face unnecessarily mean (and wholly unhelpful) comments.

  • Are you on the job market and feeling lost or anxious? Joy offers job market coaching that walks you through writing your job documents, requesting letters of recommendation, navigating job postings, preparing for interviews, and negotiating contracts. Her clients are successful on the market, choosing paths that fit with their own goals.

  • Are you a target of discrimination? Joy specializes in coaching women, people of color, and members of the LGBT community. She seeks to come alongside academics in underrepresented groups facing extra hurdles because of systemic problems in academic. She can help you process and thrive in a system that does not support you.

  • Do you need help making the next step in your career, be it tenure, promotion, department leadership, career transitions, or become more visible community engagement? Joy specializes in helping clients discover the next step that is aligned with their mission and values as a person. One-on-one sessions focus on what you want to discuss.


Joy offers coaching to academics and writers at all stages.  Joy's coaching is one-on-one and individualized. Joy is working toward her co-active coach certification through CTI.  Working with her is confidential, empowering, and collaborative. 

Email to schedule a free information session to see if what Joy offers meets your needs.